Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Try

As implicit from the name, email marketing refers to the use of emails to market, popularize and promote a business, its product and service or to pass a vital information to consumers. This method is widely used today by many businesses and organizations because of its effectiveness and positive results that can be achieved from it. However, it is not every business that goes into it that is successful. Many businesses are not successful because they did not used good strategies. Definitely, your email marketing campaign will yield result if you apply the right strategy or do the right thing you are supposed to do. Here are some of the proven email marketing strategies to apply.

1. Personalise your emails in a meaningful manner without including the name of the recipient

If you are personalizing emails, it is important that you do it carefully and expertly. Research has shown that including recipient name in emails are no longer yielding much fruits nowadays. This is because consumers are now apprehensive of and careful with emails with personal greetings because of increasing cases of phising, credit card fraud and identity theft. As a rule of the thumb, don’t try to established a relationship in a jiffy with a consumer that does not trust you or know you. Just as it is the case in real life, intimacy and relationship are earned but not forced on. Faking familiarity can be detrimental to your email marketing strategy. Thus, it is important that you be careful with how you personalize emails.

2. Create a short subject lines

When creating your subject lines, it is of crucial important that you avoid subject lines that are too lengthy. Adestra has discovered a study that subject lines of between 60 to 70 characters have not resulted in a higher click rate. On the contrary, subject lines that are short have resulted in more clicks. So, if you want to have more clicks, keep it short. Obama used short subject lines during his email fundraising and it got a lot of clicks.

3. Send email at the right time

Sending emails at the right is very crucial to the success of your campaign. Experience has shown that emails sent from nighttime to wee hours are more effective than those sent during work hours. During work hours, people are busy trying to complete their task. Thus, they may not have time to read emails in details. Most people read emails in the morning as soon as they come to work before their clients start arriving. So, if you send emails at night, they will read them once they get to work.

4. Give your content away free of charge

Virtually, everybody loves free food or free services. So, if you want to get positive results with your email strategy, it is important that you provide your contents to consumers free of charge. However, you should also make sure that you are giving away the best content. The study carried out by Bluewire shows that templates and tools are the best content to give away free of charge rather than eBooks, brain teasers, expert interviews and photo album. However, this does not suggest that these other contents are not effective. We are only talking of the more effective one.

5. Go mobile

When creating your emails, it is paramount that you consider internet users. Many people today are using their mobile devices to read emails rather than PC and laptops. Thus, you need to create a content that looks great not just on a laptop or PC but also on mobile devices. It is also good to create content that can be accessed via mobile devices.