Best Mass Mailing Tools for Your Email Marketing

Mass mailing tools as implicit from the name refers to applications and software that can be used to send emails to a large number of recipients at the same time. Nowadays, there are a lot of mass mailing tools with varying features, efficiency and functionality. Some tools come with better features which make them to be more functional and effective than others. If you are planning on purchasing a mass mailing tool, it is important that you make an informed decision. Take time to study the available tools, their features and functionality before making a choice. However, bear in mind that there is no one tool that is the best. It all depends on your budget, the integration you need, your list’s size and other factors. So, what is best for you may not be good for another person. To make the task easier, we have taken time to research the market and come out with a list of good ones. Here are some mass marketing tools that you should consider choosing.



It is an affordable but effective mass mailing tool. Given its affordability, it is most suitable for startups and small businesses that require all-in-one email marketing including automation platform and CRM. It comes with a lot of tools which small businesses will find helpful. Above all, it is user-friendly. Users can manage their leads as it comes with its CRM system. They will also be able to nurture and turn their leads into customers.


GetResponse is another good option for businesses that are on budget. It is also user friendly. It is a breeze to import lists on the platform. The tool features 500 email templates that are compatible with mobile devices. Thus, beginners can easily use these templates to create autoresponders and newsletters. The tool has carried out A/B testing efficiently. It is quite easy to split test not just the subject line but also the body content, time of the day and sender’s name. It also has got reliable API for efficient custom integration.


Mailchimp is a suitable mass mailing tool for businesses that use autoresponders and newsletters in their email marketing campaign. The tool has a well-designed user-friendly interface. They are highly functional. Users of Mailchimp can have free account without spending a dime. However, if you are using the free account, you will not have access to complete features of the platform. For example, before you make use of the autoresponders feature, you will be required to pay for the services.


ConvertKit is becoming popular among bloggers nowadays. It comes with various features which bloggers will require to create their list and also popularize their content. It is professionally designed and has impressive interface. The platform has a part of it that specifically meant for creation of email campaigns. Information marketers and bloggers will find this feature very useful. It also comes with a user-friendly automation feature. The simplicity of these features does not affect their functionality.

The above are some of the best mass mailing tools that you can try. However, despite their functionalities and features, they also have their imperfections. So, find out what their drawbacks are before making a choice.